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TerraGo, Adobe team up for Acrobat X solutions

US: Adobe Systems Incorporated and TerraGo Technologies have announced an initiative to support geospatial capabilities for customers of Acrobat X solutions. TerraGo has been working closely with Adobe to provide an upgrade path for Acrobat 9 Pro Extended customers who need to continue to author geospatial PDF files and perform advanced geospatial functions. In addition, Adobe and TerraGo have signed an agreement under which TerraGo is providing software engineering services in support of geospatial PDF consumption in Acrobat X and Reader X.
These efforts leverage TerraGo’s deep geospatial PDF expertise and the company’s track record of delivering innovative collaboration software since it first invented geospatial PDF nearly 10 years ago. Thousands of government and commercial organisations around the world use TerraGo integrated software suites to create and interact with TerraGo GeoPDF maps and imagery, the company’s brand of geospatial PDF.
“Geospatial technologies have achieved a level of market maturity that is best served by Adobe partners such as TerraGo which specialises in this area,” said Rick Brown, Senior Director, Product Management, Acrobat Solutions Group. “TerraGo continues to work closely and creatively with Adobe to ensure the success of global government and commercial customers that rely on geospatial PDF,” said Rick Cobb, President and CEO of TerraGo.
Along with these efforts, Adobe and TerraGo will work together to support Adobe’s ongoing initiative to gain ratification of its proposed ISO 32000 standard for geospatial extensions. TerraGo Publisher and TerraGo Composer software create geospatial PDF maps and imagery that conform to the specifications published by Adobe as proposed geospatial extensions to ISO 32000 as well as those published by the Open Geospatial Consortium as an OGC Best Practice.
Source: TerraGo