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Terra Map Server with Definiens Imaging GmbH supports pipeline monitoring market study for ESA

Headed by Terra Map Server, experts from Definiens Imaging, C-CORE, the German Aerospace Research Center, Micus Management Consulting and Ruhrgas will conduct a comprehensive characterization of the factors affecting demand and supply of geo-information in the pipeline monitoring market sector and assess how these are likely to evolve in the future. The focus of this 13-month project will be the potential opportunities and risks for the European Earth Observation Service Industry. Hence this analysis contract has been awarded to a team, which has demonstrated its target specific composition together with its extensive expertise in relevant industry and market sectors.

Definiens Imaging contributes to the study with its background in high-resolution earth observation imaging and expertise in automated image classification and feature recognition based on its product eCognition.

Using respected industry analysts and industry sector studies, state of the art strategic concepts in market orientation and new operative business models, companies providing services based on Earth Observation data will be exposed to trends and their future impact on the pipeline monitoring market segment and advised as to how best to exploit new opportunities and mitigate potential risks. This will include consideration of industry specific requirements such as positional accuracy, spatial resolution and full-coverage geodata availability. Major applications include monitoring of natural gas and power line routes, early detection of possible pipeline/cable hazards, documentation of maintenance work and third party planning information. Earth Observation based services relevant for these application areas will be analyzed to identify priorities for EO service industry responses to the pipeline industry trends and their impact. Towards the end of the project, specific findings being demonstrated using targeted test cases.

ESA expects the project results to build awareness within the Earth Observation service industry of the relevant market factors and their impact. This will enable the industry to adapt existing service offerings so as to exploit new business opportunities arising within the market sector and minimize exposure to evolving risks. The project is funded from the ESA EO Market Development (EOMD) element of the Earth Observation Envelope Programme.