Teradata and ESRI offer advanced geospatial intelligence

Teradata and ESRI offer advanced geospatial intelligence


US: Teradata Corporation and ESRI announced that their new relationship will enable customers to integrate business and geospatial data in a single database, perform advanced analytics and deliver geospatial intelligence to business users to improve decision-making.

Randy Lea, vice president, Teradata product and service marketing, said, “The new partnership makes it possible for customers to gain a business advantage by maximising how they leverage geospatial and business information.”

For example, a retailer wants to target new high-value customers to increase sales in all of their 200 stores; however, each store has a diverse customer base. Using Teradata, the retailer can analyse all the shoppers in each of the 200 stores to identify their best customers based on shopping patterns and other transactional data. This intelligence is valuable, but it is more powerful with the addition of the geographical-based data.

Teradata supports various geospatial types of data like points on a map, lines, and polygons. It can perform over 60 geospatial analytic functions within its scaleable, high performance database. It is enhanced by the ESRI industry-leading spatial data creation, visualization, advanced analytics, and spatial collaboration tools to provide Teradata customers with unprecedented capabilities to exploit the spatial data within their data warehouse.

“ESRI fills a critical role in the Teradata ecosystem in terms of spatial ETL, spatial content, advanced spatial analysis and, of course, visualization, mapping and spatial collaboration,” said Steve Benner, alliance manager, ESRI. “Our new relationship helps customers, bridge the gap between the data warehouse and their Geographic Information System – a common customer request – to get more value from their investments in both systems.”

Source: Teradata