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TENET wins MoD GIRA 4D Cube project

Horsham, UK, July 27, 2007: UK MoD has awarded the GIRA 4D Cube Research Project to TENET Technology Ltd. This three year research project seeks to establish a defence wide geospatial and environmental information model intended to support future GEOINT delivery, allowing all defence systems and users to access integrated, coherent, complete and up-to-date geospatial information.

While the major goal of the project is to come up with a new, innovative and well thought out abstract model designed specifically for defence needs, the research will aim to exploit the benefits of the evolving standards in information modelling driven by ISO, OGC as well as drawing on open standards implementations from the US (NGA), NATO (BiSC AIS Core GIS) and EU (Inspire).

If the research succeeds in its primary goal, GIRA 4D Cube will ultimately allow procurement programmes within IPTs to specify a single definitive source of GEOINT, rather than specific stove-pipe sources of specialist information. This will both improve MoD’s effective operating capability and achieve improved value for money in information and intelligence provision