Telvent launches Smart Grid Solution suite for Utility Sector

Telvent launches Smart Grid Solution suite for Utility Sector


Houston, USA, November 28, 2007: Telvent, an IT company announces the launch of the Smart Grid Solution (SGS) Suite. Telvent Energy’s electric utility sector activities and global strategic business development focus has led to the launch of the Smart Grid Solution Suite initiative, which will help utilities transform their grid into one that distributes electricity efficiently, economically, reliably, and securely.

The SGS initiative focuses on business and technical development that creates additional value for customers based on Telvent’s integrated secure infrastructure and advanced applications. It delivers energy efficiency in the grid, improved customer service, reduced frequency and duration of outages, and better demand response functionality.

The SGS suite consists of three major parts, each leveraging and building on Telvent’s existing technologies in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), distribution management (DMS), enterprise GIS, outage management, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), remote terminal units (RTU) and communications:

  • Smart Metering Solution: Titanium AMI software coupled with industry-leading meters
  • Smart Operations Solution: ArcFM GIS, DMS Distribution Management, Responder OMS, and OASyS SCADA
  • Smart Network Solution: SAGE substation automation platforms, pole mounted RTUs, and IEDs

    Larry Stack, President of Telvent Energy, says, “This is truly an exciting development in Telvent’s drive to provide our customers with the best quality solutions, technology and support for the energy industries we serve worldwide. It provides a new level of focus on our business development in all our market geographies. Finally, it continues to show our leadership as a global leader in the sustainable and secure future of our energy customers.”