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Telmap introduces multi-modal routing for Europe

London, UK: Telmap introduced multi-modal routing, as part of its involvement with the innovative, pan-European In-Time project. This project will pilot and validate an innovative pan-European approach to Real Time Traffic and Travel Information (RTTI) services. The reliable and real-time delivery of these services to the individual traveller and to traffic management centres is likely to reduce energy consumption in urban areas, across different modes of transport. The travellers are also expected to change their travel behaviour according to the information they receive.

Telmap is known for its location-based services (LBS) and provides white-label, fully hosted and managed LBS to over 26 mobile operators globally. The company provides the In-Time project with multi-modal, door-to-door routing that includes all available transportation forms such as walk, drive, buses, undergrounds and trams, flights and more. The service will initiate in six cities across Europe: Munich, Florence, Vienna, Bucharest, Oslo and Brno. Additional cities are expected to come on-board.

Telmap will provide its solution on the Symbian S-60 series, both for touch and non-touch devices, which currently translates to dozens of devices in the above mentioned cities.

Source: www.realwire.com