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Telluride to install GPS Ski tracking system

Telluride Ski & Golf in U.S. signed an agreement recently to develop and install the SlopeTracker GPS Tracking System on its mountain for the coming ski season. The SlopeTracker system allows skiers and snowboarders to take home a personalized poster that details their ski day with graphics and statistics that show how far, how fast, how high, how many calories burned, and more. SlopeTracker is a high-tech performance measurement tool. Through the use of GPS technology, SlopeTracker tracks top speed, relative skill level, miles traveled, total runs, vertical feet, time on snow, calories burned, run details, steepness of hills ridden, season totals, and difficulty of runs ridden.

SlopeTracker users wear a 3-oz. tracking device mounted on an armband while they ski or snowboard. The device automatically records the snowrider’s resort experience. At the end of the day, the SlopeTracker participant returns the tracking device to the distribution center, where the individual receives a poster-quality, frame-ready printout containing a beautifully rendered 3-D map of the mountain that shows the runs skied or snowboarded in sequential order, as well as a tabular representation of the individual’s daily statistics.