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Telemorphic launches free Internet GIS for Israel, West Bank, Gaza, and Middle East

Telemorphic, Inc. has announces the launch of its public access Internet GIS and satellite image visualization system for Israel and neighbouring countries in the Middle East. The free site provides Web browser-based visitors with easy access to U.S. Government satellite imagery and map data for the region, plus the full-featured GIS and image processing/visualization capabilities available in Telemorphic’s MaplicityT product. Maplicity includes lightweight and powerful JavaT applets which offer enhanced interactive GIS and geographic imaging tools for Internet GIS deployments built upon ESRI’s ArcIMS technology.

The Israel map service integrates publicly available data from various U.S. Government agencies and includes satellite imagery, major roads, airfields, rivers, populated areas, and political boundaries. The site integrates public domain data from NIMA (VMap0 vectors), USGS (GTOPO30 topography), and NASA (Landsat TM) then delivers these integrated datasets to Web browser-based visitors complete with Maplicity’s desktop-like GIS and image processing/visualization tools. GIS users can easily add graphics and annotation to create custom maps for printing from their web browser, download vector data layers, and create and download custom enhanced image products (with world file for georeferencing).

The site also offers a simple Web browser-based resource for enhancing the novice GIS user’s understanding of the geography of the region, and at the same time provides them with an excellent opportunity to become familiar with basic GIS and geographic imaging tools. Users of all levels can interact with various map layers and satellite imagery, create and save custom image products, and design and print custom maps, all from within a simple and easy-to-use Web browser interface.