Teledyne to unveil autonomous mapping system at SPAR 3D

Teledyne to unveil autonomous mapping system at SPAR 3D


US: Teledyne Optech is all set to launch a new solution for autonomous 3D mapping at the SPAR 3D expo, in Texas. The conference will also see the latest updates to the Optech Lynx mobile survey system, and hear presentations on how Teledyne Optech products are being applied to survey problems and applications in innovative ways.

The new airborne collection system is an exciting direction for airborne platforms, offering an innovative and efficient model for surveying smaller areas and corridors. The product features several new techniques that will push down costs and improve ease of use for airborne surveyors.

All models of the Lynx now feature real-time LAS file generation, allowing surveyors to check their survey data immediately after collection and provide preliminary data to clients. Meanwhile, the Lynx SG and SG-S have both been updated to 300 scan lines per second for each sensor.

This upgrade is crucial for achieving uniform point distribution when surveying at high speeds and firing at the maximum laser pulse repetition frequency. To show how the Lynx is solving real-world problems, Brad Rister of PMG & IA, Kentucky Transportation Center, will give a presentation at the Kentucky transportation centre.

Source: Teledyne