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Telecom company enters business intelligence market

Korea: SK Telecom announced launched Geovision, a business platform based on GIS. The platform provides market analysis of a particular location in just five minutes, Korea Times reports. It provides around 30 kinds of detailed information, such as buying patterns of each age group or gender and real estate development.

SK Telecom launched the service with eight partner companies: Hyundai Card, National Information & Credit Evaluation, SK Marketing & Company, Korea Productivity Center, KIS Van, Sundo Soft, Real Estate 114 and ILM Soft. All partners link their database with maps to provide management support services such as customer management and marketing tips as well as market analysis. It is the first map based business platform, according to SK Telecom.

“The map based business service has already become a core tool for corporate management in countries like the United States, Japan or Australia,” a representative of SK Telecom said.

SK Telecom is also launching Smart Sales, which aims at providing 1.2 million salespeople in insurance and retail, with real-time tips for the most effective sales. It recommends which customer to visit, based on individuals’ statistics. It also tells them the fastest way to get to the customer, and provide them with the list of consumers in the location. The service is based on the Galaxy Tab tablet PC.

“In the past, the three success keywords for sales were ‘Location, location, location,” said Lee Sung-ho, a researcher at Samsung Economic Research Institute. “With smartphone users increasing, accessibility turned into a mobile concept linked with real time location based services, from the static concept of the past,” he said.

Source: Korea Times