Tele Atlas to take geography to students on GIS Day

Tele Atlas to take geography to students on GIS Day


8 November 2006, USA – Tele Atlas, a provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location based solutions, will take geography on the road to students and teachers to help celebrate GIS Day 2006 on Wednesday, November 15. GIS Day is a global series of events at which GIS technology users showcase real-world GIS applications to schools, businesses and the general public to demonstrate how geography and GIS technology make a difference in our lives.

In celebration of GIS Day 2006, Tele Atlas employee volunteers will visit classrooms throughout New Hampshire’s Upper Valley to present “Somewhere. Everywhere. Right Here.” — a program designed to show students how geography is used for everyday applications as diverse as digital maps and directions, emergency response systems, routes for bike rides or hiking, and package delivery.

Additionally, Tele Atlas volunteers will visit the campuses of Keene State College, Plymouth State University and the University of New Hampshire to highlight the advances in and impact of digital mapping to geography classes and at GIS Day events on the campuses.

“Though they may not realize it, students use geography every day and they benefit from the many ways that geography and technology are combined. Our goal is to show students that geography goes beyond static maps or memorizing the names of states and capitals,” said James O’Gorman, Vice President of Human Resources for Tele Atlas North America. “GIS Day allows our employees to share their passion for the work that Tele Atlas does while giving back to the community.”