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Tele Atlas to publish new CDs covering Germany and Benelux in the summer

Tele Atlas will publish two up-to-date high-quality navigation CDs for VDO-Dayton car navigation systems in the summer. This is one of the first results of a new agreement between Tele Atlas and Siemens VDO Automotive. The navigation CDs for Germany and for Benelux will offer total coverage of their respective countries. In addition, the CDs include the network of the major roads in Western Europe, which will lead users directly to more than 340 cities. The Germany CD will contain house number ranges for more than 900 municipalities and the Benelux edition all house number ranges for Belgium and The Netherlands. Also included are the German and Benelux TMC codes, which enable dynamic navigation, as are a large number of new points of interest (POIs) in a wide range of categories.

“The new agreement is an important step in the expanded cooperation between Tele Atlas and Siemens VDO Automotive”, remarks Tele Atlas COO Rolv Eide. Josef Besting, Siemens VDO Trading CEO says: “The distribution of the new CDs will be shared. Adding Tele Atlas navigation products to our product range will create new concepts and increase the value of our navigation systems for our customers.”

Tele Atlas has a worldwide leading position in the development of state-of-the-art geographic databases. It has the largest portfolio of the most highly detailed and positionally accurate digital maps of both Europe and North America, covering around 343 million inhabitants in 18 European countries and providing 100% coverage of the whole of North America.
Tele Atlas’ digital maps offer worldwide solutions for companies in the Geo Spatial, Navigation and Location-Based Services industries. The company is actively increasing coverage on a global scale and is continuously updating, refining and adding detail to its map databases.