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Tele Atlas North America gains acceptance in telecommunications & utilities sector

Leading telecommunications and other category leaders in the Fortune 500, as well as the U.S. government are now increasingly recognizing the stronger value of the superior map data provided by Tele Atlas North America. The company, now leading in global digital map database accuracy, announced that several major new customers including MCI Worldcom, PG & E, the U.S. Army National Guard and NextJet among many others have recently selected the company’s highly accurate digital map data. Each new customer will optimize the geocoding results and street information in a wide variety of projects central to their core business applications.

In the past year Tele Atlas North America completed a substantial phase of its repositioning of U.S. street map data. The repositioning effort as of now redefines and improves the positional accuracy of street data for 92 percent of the US population living in the top 100 urbanized areas. With the improved positional accuracy, customers have also gained superior geocoding accuracy, a critical function of map databases. This repositioning effort has involved critical tasks such as moving road geometry to match the shape and actual position of roads as represented in source material from a wide variety of local sources as well as ortho-rectified aerial imagery and primary data collected by Tele Atlas’ own substantial-sized data collection field force. In addition the effort adds any new geometry, removes spurious geometry in the Census TIGER data, and enhances dual carriageways that are represented in TIGER as single digitized lines.