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Tele Atlas extends turn-by-turn coverage in North America

Tele Atlas, a provider of digital map databases and real-time traffic information in the United States, released the latest version of its turn-by-turn digital map database-North America 3.2 in MultiNet Shapefile and MultiNet GDF formats. Other formats, such as Oracle Spatial, ESRI SDE Export, Telcontar RMF, and MapInfo TAB will be released shortly. This database upgrade affirms Tele Atlas’ continued commitment to rapidly enhancing the quality, content and coverage of its North American database. It will enable routing and navigation applications to work better than ever with more current data and more fully-attributed coverage.

As ESRI and Telcontar suggest, application developers need the most updated data that reflect the rapidly changing world, and they rely on map data providers who can move quickly and deliver increased data coverage, features and attribution. Tele Atlas MultiNet 3.2 meets and exceeds these requirements by including more North American coverage, more road and street features and more of the data that organizations need to build customer-satisfying navigation, location-based and GIS applications and systems. MultiNet North America 3.2 sets new standards with its positional accuracy-nearly 82% of the US population lives in areas where Tele Atlas street data meets the 8 meter RMS standard.