Tele Atlas expands licensing agreements to provide government entities in 41 US...

Tele Atlas expands licensing agreements to provide government entities in 41 US states with mission-critical digital map data


Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, 2 October 2006: Tele Atlas announced on October 2 that it now has expanded its licensing agreements to provide government entities in 41 US states with mission-critical digital map data for emergency response teams managing fires, traffic accidents, environmental hazards and public health crises. For example, California and Connecticut government agencies leverage Tele Atlas’ OneMap solution to enhance efficiency for emergency response teams and transportation agencies.

Agencies, counties and municipalities leveraging Tele Atlas’ OneMap digital map data share a common geographic database to ensure every public safety operation accesses the good quality, location based data from a single map source. Building on Tele Atlas’ government market expertise, the California and Connecticut agreements include enterprise licenses for OneMap road centerline data and related content, such as hydrography, points of interest and airports, allowing the states to establish essential data sets to maintain complex, specialized land databases.

“Increasingly, government entities rely on our highly accurate digital map information to ensure public safety and agency efficiency — from guiding E911 and emergency response teams to exact locations to economic planning and development,” said John Auble, Government and Utilities Market Director, Tele Atlas.

Tele Atlas’ expanded government OneMap implementations also include:
– California Department of Transportation (Caltrans): Caltrans maintains a hierarchy of classification for thousands of road miles throughout California, including interstates, freeways, collector roads and local streets. Using Dynamap, Caltrans refined Tele Atlas Dynamap/Transportation into California OneMap – a customized, definitive set of road features, including Caltrans-specific road attributes that support Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) reporting mandates, plus a range of GIS applications and businesses.

“California OneMap ensures the underlying road data undergoes continuous improvement so we have accurate, current information and enables us to effectively manage and incorporate periodic road updates from both Tele Atlas and Caltrans,” said Roger Ewers, GIS Strategic Planning and Marketing, Caltrans.

– State of Connecticut, Department of Public Safety: The Connecticut Department of Public Safety includes a variety of state functions including the Division of State Police and the Division of Fire Emergency and Building Services (DFEBS). Seeking a comprehensive, accurate enterprise approach to supply routing and mapping data for the Enhanced 911 systems in use throughout Connecticut, the Office of Statewide Emergency Telecommunications (OSET) coordinated with Tele Atlas to develop a single mapping standard using the Tele Atlas Dynamap/Transportation product. The OneMap solution is now used by all Connecticut government entities, forming a complete, statewide solution.

“To truly ensure public safety, our state agencies must collaborate as integral members of the first-responder community and respond to emergencies with urgent speed and accuracy – lapses in shared location understanding are unacceptable,” said George J. Pohorilak, Director, OSET. “Supported by Tele Atlas, Connecticut’s OneMap implementation provides the state with the ability to efficiently and expediently deploy our resources and best ensure public safety needs in the state are met.”

– Tele Atlas OneMap
Government agencies in charge of Transportation and Public Safety know that cooperation across agencies is critical. The core element of OneMap is to provide a database that creates a framework for location, and routing. In addition, OneMap provides for a link to databases maintained by key agencies so that this information may be shared seamlessly across agencies and programs.

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