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Tele Atlas digital maps selected for testing Galileo

Tele Atlas, a developer of geographic databases, has been selected by the European Commission to provide digital mapping data to the Polaris project, the crucial service analysis for testing the European satellite system Galileo. Polaris will provide the essential link between satellite-based applications and the Galileo developers. Tele Atlas is Europe’s preferred geographic data supplier because of the supreme accuracy of its digital maps, which are a vital part of all consumer applications that will benefit from Galileo.

Galileo will be Europe’s own global satellite navigation system and under civilian control. It will be inter-operable with GPS (US) and GLONASS (Russia), the two other global satellite navigation systems. This means that a user of a car navigation system will be able to take a position with the same receiver from any of the satellites in any system. Galileo, however, will deliver a positioning accuracy of less than one meter, which is an unprecedented tour-de-force with major benefits for developers and consumers of all location-dependant devices.

By providing its data to the Polaris project, Tele Atlas is singled-out as the expert in digital mapping. It has developed the tools and the expertise to deliver the best possible positional accuracy available anywhere, making it the sole provider of spot-on geographic data, which is vital for the development of the European satellite system.