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Tele Atlas delivers key European Cities in 3D

The Netherlands, 03 May 2007: Tele Atlas announced that it will make available nearly 50 detailed 3D city maps for use in navigation devices and location-based applications. The first Tele Atlas 3D city maps will be released in July 2007, including maps for major European cities such as Berlin, London and Rome; additional European, U.S. and Asian cities are scheduled to be released during the next year.

Tele Atlas 3D city maps available in July will cover nearly 2,000 km², or approximately 40 km² per city. In addition, they will feature complete, textured city centers modelled in 3D and Tele Atlas’ unique 3D landmarks of notable structures.

“Three dimensional digital maps deliver a navigation experience that is even more tangible and realistic, with features that can ultimately help improve map usability,” said Basak Ozer, vice president, global product marketing, Tele Atlas. “As we have found from our experience in Asia, navigation systems equipped with 3D images are fueling global demand for richer, more realistic map content. We’re committed to being the first to deliver these capabilities to our partners.”

By leveraging Tele Atlas 3D city maps, developers can add building representations with better optical quality while maintaining a low volume of data. This ability to present the 3D models at low data volumes was achieved through a new parametric texture technology developed by GTA Geoinformatik GmbH. With this technology, application developers are provided a range of options, from colored block models to colored facades and roofs with detailed texture.

To facilitate the arrival of 3D city maps on navigation devices and applications, Tele Atlas also is collaborating with leading 3D-modelling software companies, including Germany-based PIXEL and Great Britain-based AGS and 3DLABS, as well as leading hardware companies. For more information, visit www.teleatlas.com.