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Tele Atlas and MAD MAPS launches Tele Atlas Touring Series

Boston, USA, September 27, 2007: Tele Atlas, provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location-based solutions, announced the launch of Tele Atlas Touring Series, a digital map product featuring content and scenic route information from the popular “Get Outta Town” series from MAD MAPS, Inc., authority on scenic touring.

Application developers will be able to incorporate this unique location-based, road trip content into personal and in-car navigation systems and mobile, wireless and Internet map applications powered by Tele Atlas maps, to help provide users with an enhanced and personalized navigation experience.

“MAD MAPS is committed to providing scenic road trip maps that are rich with valuable route and point of interest (POI) information for the leisure traveler or for the business traveler with a little extra time on his hands,” said Jenny Lefferts, CEO of MAD MAPS. “By combining our unique routes with Tele Atlas’ breadth of experience and partnerships in the personal and automotive navigation markets, we’re able to ensure digital map users can have as much fun getting to their destination as being there.“

Delivering routes departing from major metropolitan cities, Tele Atlas Touring Series currently are available for 30 U.S. cities, including Boston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, DC. Each series will feature five to seven routes for scenic road trips to help guide digital map users on a variety of excursions with turn-by-turn directions and a range of POIs such as local roadhouses, roadside attractions and recreational areas. Rich descriptions are provided for all routes and POIs, as well as entertaining insights and historical anecdotes– all piquing the traveler’s interest.

“As the demand for personalized navigation continues, consumers will increasingly rely on and seek more information from their navigation systems and location-based services,” said Michael Evers, vice president of marketing and new business development, Tele Atlas. “By working with MAD MAPS to deliver unique, rich content, we help to ensure our industry partners can deliver a personalized navigation offering that helps travelers find a little adventure along the more scenic, less traveled roads.”