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Tele Atlas and ESRI announce the publication of Don Cooke’s “Fun with GPS”

Tele Atlas, a global provider of digital map data and other geographic content, has announced the publication of Don Cooke’s book, “Fun with GPS,” in conjunction with ESRI Press. Cooke developed the book as a fun and informative book on GPS technology, and it explores dozens of thought-provoking uses of GPS in sports, nature, and everyday life.

Cooke is one of the founders of digital mapping technology, and the founder and president emeritus of Geographic Data Technology (acquired by Tele Atlas in 2004). He approached the book as a way to bring GPS to the masses by putting it in plain language, and showing how GPS devices can be used for more than finding a location. Cooke had devices attached to a wide variety of objects and people – including dogsleds, race cars, hot air balloons, windsurfers, ski racers, dogs, cats and bears. The book also discusses ways to incorporate GPS technology into the classroom to reinforce science, math and geography studies. Cooke’s book includes maps, photographs and activities to help readers best utilize their GPS receivers. It describes how to set up the GPS track log, obtain and use software to retrieve stored coordinates and obtain and use ESRI’s ArcExplorer mapping software.