Tele Atlas adds speed camera data to digital maps covering seven European...

Tele Atlas adds speed camera data to digital maps covering seven European countries


United Kingdom, 24 July 2006: Tele Atlas has announced that speed camera information from RoadPilot Limited, the UK based provider of technology for safer driving, is now available in its digital maps covering Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Weekly updates ensure that Tele Atlas customers developing in-car and portable navigation applications have the most up-to-date information to alert drivers to the location of nearby speed cameras.

“Because the information is constantly refreshed, our maps can even include temporary speed restrictions at roadworks,” said Jack Reinelt, Tele Atlas’ Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Europe. “And because the data uses a Tele Atlas map as its foundation, the speed camera is positioned in its precise place, even indicating which side of a dual carriageway the cameras are monitoring….”

Reinelt added that road statistics show speed cameras encourage European drivers to moderate their speed. “In the opinion of the regulatory authorities, providing this information is a positive contribution to making the roads safer.”

The new service is available today to application developers, with the first consumer products expected this summer. Additional European countries will be added to the catalogue in the coming months.