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TELDAT and Raytheon Partner to Develop New Patriot Router

US: Raytheon Company is partnering with TELDAT to develop and produce advanced militarised routers for the Patriot Air and Missile Defense system. TELDAT engineers and technicians will design, integrate and qualify the key communications networking technology for Patriot.

"Raytheon looks forward to long and meaningful partnership opportunities with TELDAT. This effort demonstrates our continuous commitment to establish engineering & technology programmes in Poland and to collaborate with Polish industry. In addition, by producing this militarised router, TELDAT will have access to an export market among established users worldwide – an opportunity unique to the Patriot system,” said Daniel J Crowley, President, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems.

Raytheon continues to pursue opportunities with Polish industry in preparation for the WISLA programme. The company's offer for WISLA includes the development with Polish industry of a next generation Patriot solution, which incorporates: a new Common Command and Control (CC2) system that offers open architecture & multi-role capability, which builds on and preserves the combat-proven functionality of Patriot and its inherent US/NATO interoperability; introduction of a 360-degree multi-function radar using the latest advanced radar technology to provide unmatched performance, unprecedented operational readiness and the lowest maintenance cost and; the potential for integration of a new advanced Low Cost Interceptor (LCI) to further expand Patriot's ability to simultaneously fire multiple missile types to address the continuously evolving threat spectrum.

Source: Raytheon