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Telcontar launches the Telcontar Developer Zone

U.S. based Telcontar, a supplier of software and services for the LBS industry, has announced the Telcontar Developer Zone, an online service that enables quick and easy prototyping and development of location-enabled applications. The service allows access to software, sample code, documentation and various tools, including use of map data from leading vendors. Developers can now write applications that make LBS queries to a shared Drill Down Server (DDS), Telcontar’s leading geospatial software platform, via the Internet. Using Telcontar’s recently released standards-compliant Web Services Application Programming Interface (WSAPI), Telcontar Developer Zone participants can focus their resources on developing advanced location-based applications, without having to install geospatial servers or software and acquire map or points of interest data.

With the Developer Zone, Telcontar is eliminating two major problems that the typical application developer has faced. First, developers no longer need to become experts in many facets of geospatial platfoms and technology, including understanding complex issues of application scalability. Second, the Developer Zone streamlines the process of assembling and integrating many separate pieces of data and technology in order to deliver an application. To educate and inform developers about the Telcontar Developer Zone in a hands-on environment, Telcontar will host its Developers Conference on Monday, September 26, 2005 at SBC Park in San Francisco. This one-day event will feature presentations from Developer Zone partners, new product announcements, workshops, a networking reception and more.