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Telcontar Inks offer aerial and satellite images to LBS providers

Telcontar, the supplier of software and related services for location-based services (LBS), announced an agreement that enables Telcontar to resell GlobeXplorer imagery services. Under the agreement, Telcontar is now able to offer GlobeXplorer’s high-quality aerial and satellite digital images to customers using either its Universal Telematics Server ASP or Drill Down Server spatial platform. Services from GlobeXplorer will include Citipix six-inch aerial imagery of 65 metropolitan areas, AirPhotoUSA one-foot-to-one-meter aerial imagery for 120+ metro areas, DigitalGlobe satellite imagery and worldwide aerial and satellite imagery at varying scales. Citipix is the largest high-resolution aerial imagery dataset available online. It covers more than 7,000 cities and towns in the United States, with a total area of over 90,000 square miles.
The Telcontar UTS “connects people to things” through a sophisticated integration of electronic devices with wireless, telephony and Web technologies. Typical devices include a wireless radio modem, a microprocessor and a GPS receiver for mobile applications that can be installed in cars, computers, as well as homes and other prospective MSSC applications. Its fault-tolerant, flexible, open architecture allows integration of best-of- breed mapping, communications, hardware devices, voice and other technology components without requiring the re-engineering of back-end applications or consumer user interfaces. The Drill Down Server spatial software platform powers a wide range of location-based wireless or Internet applications such as mapping portals, navigation, real time traffic, directory services, vehicle tracking and security. The Drill Down Server is the platform for high volume spatial applications. Its highly scalable, ODBC compliant and stateless architecture provides high performance routing, image rendering, geocoding, real time traffic, points of interest, and directory services support.