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Telangana government launches AI projects

India: Declaring 2020 as the ‘Year of AI’, the Government of Telangana has signed memoranda of understanding with companies such as Intel, Nvidia, Hexagon, Adobe, among others, will help the Telangana government to launch pilot projects based on AI. 

In an event held to announce the MoUs and declare 2020 as the Year of AI, State IT minister K.T. Rama Rao (KTR) said, “Artificial intelligence can address complex problems beyond the capability of traditional methods and AI holds significance for the government for its potential to transform citizens’ lives. In line with our vision and our approach, AI will be our focus for the coming year and beyond. We are calling 2020 the Year of AI. This event today will set in motion initiatives that will potentially make the next decade Telangana’s decade of AI,”  “The government is committed to maintaining the privacy of citizens, but aims to leverage data sets of the state’s 40 million people through technology such as AI and machine learning.” He added further

The state government is also aiming to transform public service delivery and governance with the help of deep technology. The state is already leading the way globally for ‘government-as-a-buyer’ for AI, which is also transforming public service delivery and governance with deep technology. This is already prompting top talent and innovators to shift their base to Hyderabad.

The state has identified eight emerging technologies, including AI, blockchain, cloud, Internet of Things, and robotics, in its push for the use of technology.

The Telangana government has also formulated policy frameworks for blockchain, drones, cybersecurity and e-waste, among other things, said Rao.