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Tehama County roads on Google

USA: Google Maps’ Street View feature, which allows users to look at a series of 360-degree photos taken from street level, has cataloged almost all the roads in Tehama County including those in Red Bluff, Corning, Los Molinos, Gerber, Tehama, Rancho Tehama, Manton and more.

Street View has been available in Tehama County since December although the pictures themselves, all of which are taken during daylight hours, range from several months to a year old. The Cone and Kimball Clock Tower, for instance, is under construction in a series of photos taken on Main and Walnut streets.

Previously available in a number of metropolitan areas the service is now spreading out to the rest of the country. “We’ve gotten interest in Street View from users all around the country and the world whether it s a major city or a small town”, Elaine Filadelfo, a spokesperson for Google, Inc., said.

To ensure privacy, photos have been taken only from public property and a computer filter blurs any faces and license plates before the images are published online. If someone objects to their house or picture being online they can request to get the image taken down by clicking Report Concern at the bottom of the image. “We certainly are sensitive to those who are uncomfortable with certain imagery, so we routinely review and respond to take down requests,” she said.

The number of takedown requests compared to photos uploaded is relatively small, Filadelfo said.