Teesside University academic to draft BIM policy of Brazil

Teesside University academic to draft BIM policy of Brazil


Dr Mohamad KassemBrazil, October 13, 2014: The Brazilian government has asked Dr Mohamad Kassem, an engineering lecturer from Teesside University, to help it overhaul the country’s construction industry by adopting BIM. He was recently appointed as the EU BIM consultant to the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) and the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MPOG).

Recently, Dr Kassem travelled to Brazil as the guest of MDIC and MPOG. During his visit, he spent time in the country’s capital, Brasilia, and its largest city, Sao Paulo, and met with senior figures in both the Brazilian government and army. He also presented his interim findings on BIM implementation in three EU countries that are currently active in developing BIM policies – the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and France.

Dr Kassem’s research was carried out alongside a Brazilian consultant, Professor Sergio Leusin, who looked at how BIM is currently being implemented in Brazil. The two academics are now working on a joint report to present to Brazilian policy makers with conclusions and recommendations for BIM implementation in Brazil.

Dr Kassem’s advice is expected to form the basis of new policy designed to overhaul the Brazilian government’s approach to major building projects, improving their predictability and safety as well as saving time and money.

Commenting on the development, he said, “Brazil is a massive economy and the country is undergoing a huge amount of construction work. Changes which result in efficiency savings, even small ones, have the potential to save the Brazilian economy billions of pounds… BIM can bring real benefits to the construction industry and there is a real momentum towards innovation in the industry and I hope my work can help improve BIM diffusion in Brazil.”

Source: Teeside University