Tectonic Map of South America is finalized

Tectonic Map of South America is finalized


The final printed version of the Tectonic Map of South America, scale 1:5,000,000, was presented in February this year, during the General Assembly of the Committee on Geological Map of the World (CGMW) in Paris.

The execution had technical and financial support of the Geological Service of Brazil (CPRM) and the Geological Service of Argentina (SEGEMAR), using modern digital mapping parameters under the aegis of CGMW and the Ibero-American Association of Geological and Mining Services (ASGMI). The preparation involved an extensive analysis of data collected in different South American countries, subsequently updated and adjusted, counting with the participation of fifty South American collaborators, both universities, as geological services. An important assistance was also given by Petrobras.

This is the second edition (the previous one was published in 1978) and contains updated information on major structural elements and the land”s crust in South America properties, besides the processes that originated them and its evolution over geologic time (“tectonic” comes from Greek and means “relating to the construction“). The tectonic map also allows, for example, a better understanding of areas subjected to earthquakes and volcanism or the search for mineral resources.

The first step to enable the implementation of the project was the realization of a new georeferenced geographic base of South America in WGS-84, through the use of LANDSAT-TM and SRTM, which will also be used in other similar South American projects. Besides being a product of global technical and scientific relevance, presented on the same basis and using GIS mapping technology, this map allowed the technical cooperation and knowledge interchange between the participants teams.

A publicação está prevista para o segundo semestre deste ano, em versões digital e impressa. A versão impressa (off-set) será realizada com suporte financeiro da UNESCO. Futuramente deverá integrar o Mapa Tectônico do Mundo a ser elaborado pela CGMW.

The official publication is expected for the second half of this year, in digital and print versions. The printed version (off-set) will be developed with the financial support of UNESCO. Further, it should integrate the Tectonic World Map to be elaborated by CGMW.

To access the map, click https://cprmblog.blogspot.com.br/2014/05/mapa-tectonico-da-america-do-sul-e.html?spref=fb

Source: CPRM