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TECHNOMASTER buys Hemisphere’s LV101 GPS Compass

Brazil: Hemisphere GPS announced the supply of its LV101 GPS compass to TECHNOMASTER during the Navalshore exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. TECHNOMASTER, a marine electronics engineering firm based in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, integrated Hemisphere GPS’ new LV101 GPS compass into a state-of-the-art marine navigation auto-pilot system. The LV101 GPS compass is paired with TECHNOMASTER’s exclusive navigation technology to create an auto-pilot system suitable for large vessels and small pleasure crafts.

“The LV101’s ability to provide our auto-pilot system with accurate and reliable heading as well as sub-meter positioning make it an integral component of our solution,” said Edilar Predabon, Director of Engineering at TECHNOMASTER. “We find that its unique all-in-one design allows for simple installation into our custom auto-pilot applications.”

The LV101 GPS Compass is powered by Hemisphere GPS patented Crescent Vector technology and integrates two GPS antennas, a NMEA 2000 communication processor, a single-axis gyro, two tilt sensors and a power supply into a single OEM board package. The GPS based compass is a viable alternative to traditional gyro and fluxgate compass sensors as it is immune to magnetic interference typically present on marine vessels.

Source: Hemisphere GPS