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TechnologyOne partners with GIS solutions provider

Australia: TechnologyOne announced a strategic partnership with Digital Mapping Solutions (DMS) to jointly develop and sell integrated asset management and GIS solutions. Through this collaboration, TechnologyOne Asset Management aims to deliver a map-based interface with DMS’s IntraMaps GIS application seamlessly integrated with the product, providing customers with an integrated, visual representation of spatial data for assets, properties, work orders and defects.
TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said that the partnership was an important step forward for the company’s asset management product offering, particularly for local government and utilities customers. “There has been a rapid increase in GIS and mapping technology over the past five years, as it becomes an important business tool enabling employees to make quick and informed decisions, on and off-site, based on real-time spatial information,” Di Marco said.
“We already share a number of customers with DMS and there are strong synergies in our respective products and service offerings, so it makes sense to combine our strengths and develop better integrated solutions.”
TechnologyOne recently introduced embedded GIS and mapping components in the latest release of its asset management solution, including geospatial capabilities for assets and work orders, and will expand on these functions with DMS’s applications.
DMS CEO David Baxter said that the result of the partnership would be an asset management solution complete with the latest GIS and mapping capabilities. “The integration of applications means customers will be able to view maps of all their assets such as roads, property and water networks in a central system, and use the information to complete and update work orders in an accurate and timely manner,” Baxter added.
Earlier, in March 2011, TechnologyOne announced a strategic alliance with Assetic to develop and sell the market’s first fully integrated total asset management solution and have secured a number of new wins as a result of new product features.