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Technology system allows strawberry growers to improve profitability of crops

Incorporating WMS Technology (Web Map Service) in water accumulation systems for the strawberry production is the goal of an initiative implemented by the Center for Natural Resources Information (CIREN) and co-financed by the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA), of the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture.

The project — developed in the municipalities of Alhué, Maria Pínto, Melipilla and San Pedro — intends to establish new possibilities for capture and storage of water, and determine improvements in irrigation management to enable the increase of crops’s profitability to 462 farmers of the Province of Melipilla.

This initiative aims to generate knowledge to be applied to water management decisions of producers in the industry, related to surfaces to be irrigated , catchment, supply and management of water to produce strawberries under compatible conditions with agroecological environment of Melipilla.

The project consists of three pillars: generation and collection of information from producers; the use of agrohydrology concepts and geomatics techniques; and the geo-relation of the first two parts, to give territorial responses to the producers’s competitive gaps.

With this, will be achieved a Territorial Information System (SIT) consisting of maps and primers of alternatives that provide units of territory. This information will be made available to producers offering solutions — individual or collective — that reduce their uncertainties of each year.

The initiative requires a total investment of over $153 million, of which nearly $120 million are provided by the FIA ​​.

Source: Ciren