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Technology aids fire management in Australia

Fahrenheit 451 Project Officer Dave Dowie is currently undertaking the mapping of fire sensitive assets on private property on Kangaroo Island.

The mapping is being undertaken as part of the collaborative Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Board – Department for Environment and Heritage fire management for biodiversity and asset protection project.

The mapping process involves using GPS technology to accurately record the location of a variety of assets including buildings, vineyards, forestry plantations, orchards, heritage sites, communications infrastructure and revegetation areas.

“In order to be able to effectively manage wildfires and undertake fire management planning it is necessary to have accurate and up to date information available to fire managers”, Dave said.

The GPS data that Dave is collecting will be used to create maps of the different types of assets GIS technology.

The GIS system will then be used to identify areas where high value assets are exposed to a high level of threat from fires, enabling the prioritising of areas for detailed fire management planning in conjunction with the KI Bushfire Prevention Officer Michelle Maguire and the Department for Environment and Heritage Fire Management Officer Robert Ellis.
The maps will also be used by the KI CFS Group when managing wildfires.