Home News TechnoCom to equip 12,500 vehicles with GPS Reporters

TechnoCom to equip 12,500 vehicles with GPS Reporters

TechnoCom Corp has begun shipments to Vericom Technologies, of it Location Messaging Units as part of a 12,500 unit contract for the innovative GPS tracking and reporting system that includes in-vehicle data collection location devices and a wireless LAN infrastructure.
TechnoCom’s ability to quickly and cost-effectively apply components from its broad family of location-enabled products was a key factor in Vericom’s selection of TechnoCom’s solution. TechnoCom was able to meet Vericom’s unique requirements with minimal development and begin rapid production shipments.

The in-vehicle device for Vericom’s fleet management solution is based on TechnoCom’s Location Messaging Unit (LMU) that utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

TechnoCom’s unique event-triggered status reporting agent, Programmable Event Generator, (PEG) is used in conjunction with TechnoCom’s LM Exchange “plug and play” location-based, air interface-neutral middleware platform.

Vericom’s Data Management System is designed for large fleets that want to reduce risk and maximize efficiencies by automatically and wirelessly collecting and analyzing detailed vehicle and fleet information, while avoiding the ongoing cost of accessing a cellular wide area network.

The system’s wireless local area network operates at each fleet’s central location (vehicle yard or terminal). Once a vehicle is within range of the wireless network, it automatically downloads events stored within the in-vehicle unit.

The in-vehicle unit can collect and store up to 10,000 events allowing vehicle status to be monitored even when vehicles are away from the local area network for extended periods. Vericom also plans to provide its customers with the flexibility of using TechnoCom’s cellular solutions using TechnoCom’s advanced LM Exchange platform.