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Technische Werke Friedrichshafen Selects Bentley Software to Implement New Multi-Utility GIS

USA – Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced that Technische Werke Friedrichshafen (TWF), a regional multi-utility in southern Germany supplying electricity, gas, water, and heat to 36,000 energy users, has implemented a geographic information system (GIS) based on Bentley sisNET. The new system, which also uses Bentley sisFLOW, Bentley PowerMap Field, Bentley sisVIEW, Bentley sisIMS, and Bentley Geo Web Publisher, replaces an Intergraph FRAMME system. TWF found that its former system stored infrastructure object attributes in a database and graphics in CAD files, causing workflow challenges; provided less flexible query and analysis capabilities; wasn’t scalable; and didn’t integrate with SAP.

With its new Bentley-based GIS, TWF is able to support its engineering and regulatory compliance operations more efficiently. In particular, the new system is providing enhanced support of its designers and field engineers, thematic and statistical analyses for the German utilities regulator, and integration with SAP. Bentley sisNET provides TWF with both textual and graphical reporting.

“Given the fact that our GIS is connected to numerous technical, commercial, and regulatory compliance workflows, the decision to switch from a system like our company’s former GIS to Bentley sisNET required careful consideration,” said Herr Walter Mogg, head of the surveying and GIS department. “However, the proven editing functions of MicroStation at the core of Bentley sisNET, along with its proven multi-utility data models and comprehensive analytical capabilities, made it the ideal choice. Bentley sisNET generates consistent and high quality data that facilitate the analyses and reports that are so critical in the utility market.”

Herr Mogg continued, “The utilities industry faces new regulatory compliance challenges. Before deploying the Bentley GIS, we had to gather this information manually, which added significant costs to our operations. Bentley sisNET offers broad query and export functionality, enabling us to meet the regulatory requirements and to enjoy substantial savings.”

A web-based information system built on Bentley sisIMS is helping TWF avoid costly, fault-prone data conversion, which commonly occurred with its previous system. All users now work with a single data source that is known to be accurate.

Bentley sisNET combines cadastral information with GIS-based infrastructure engineering functionality for electricity, gas, water, and district heating networks. The consistent, high-quality data generated supports numerous business processes throughout the TWF organization. As a result of the documentation and operations support services it offers for smaller utilities on an outsourced basis in the surrounding region, coupled with improved operational efficiencies in its own business, the company expects its investment in its new GIS to pay for itself in less than two years.