Tech upgrade for Tasmania emergency services

Tech upgrade for Tasmania emergency services


Tasmania, Australia: A new computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) will be implemented by the Tasmanian Department of Police and Emergency Management (DPEM). A part of the DPEM’s Information Technology Infrastructure and Strategic Reform Programme – 2015, CAD will replace its 20-year-old legacy Command and Control System.

The new system will allow for integration with an existing geographical information (mapping) system for future use by an automatic vehicle location system. It will also interface with mobile data terminals, most commonly used in emergency service vehicles, for the gathering of in-field data. DPEM staff will also be able to access CCTV feeds carried over IP.

The combination of back office systems, wireless carriage and mobile computing is an increasingly common phenomenon in the emergency services sector. Earlier, the Queensland Government said it would expand the use of mobile data systems for its agencies providing emergency services.

Source: Computer World