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Team ERDAS advances in Soft Copy Search Competition

Team ERDAS has been chosen as one of three finalists for the National Imagery and Mapping Agency’s (NIMA) Soft Copy Search (SCS) research and development program. Leading Team ERDAS is ERDAS Defense Programs (Alexandria, VA), which is partnered with Integic Corporation (Chantilly, VA), ESRI (Redlands, CA), Earth Satellite Corporation (Rockville, MD) and Optia (Altoona, PA).

The Soft Copy Search Phase I contract was awarded on 8 July 2002 and marks the beginning of a multiphased program examining the potential for NIMA to use a completely softcopy production system by June 2003. If fully deployed, the system will revolutionize the way NIMA performs its image analysis mission by providing analysts an end-to-end digital imagery exploitation environment.

The solution presented by Team ERDAS SCS revolves around ERDAS IMAGINE®’s image exploitation capabilities and incorporates its partners’ strengths to meet NIMA’s requirements. ERDAS’ partners play unique, pivotal roles in the Team ERDAS solution. Integic Corporation provides business process automation software, e.POWER®, for dynamic data management support to Team ERDAS. Earth Satellite Corporation brings expertise in image exploitation and the creation of scientifically sound analysis tools, while ESRI is contributing its proven commercial GIS software experience and data management technology. The entire solution will operate on Optia computers, the hardware of choice for the U.S. Marine Corps.

By combining the proven talents of each entity, Team ERDAS presents a powerful solution to one of NIMA’s most pressing challenges. “The strength of our team’s experience places us in an exceptionally strong position to fulfill NIMA’s softcopy search vision. We’re aggressively implementing the technologies and methods needed to ensure NIMA’s success in this partnership with industry,” stated ERDAS Defense Program Manager Bob Krieger.

Team ERDAS will provide two fully functional SCS prototypes to NIMA, along with training and onsite support for evaluation during the next phase of the competition. Subsequent competitive development spirals taking place after the Phase One evaluation will see the inclusion of enhancements and refinements of current tools to integrate the best elements of the team’s commercial off-the shelf products.