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TDS releases enhanced versions of Operating System 4.1.5 and Survey ProT 3.7.2 software

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) announced the release of version 4.1.5 of its operating system for the TDS ReconT handheld. Simultaneously, TDS announced version 3.7.2 of its best-selling Survey ProT software. The new combination increases performance speed and adds a new layer of GPS receiver compatibility. The new operating system includes increased RAM speed and improvements to NAND file system performance, contributing to an increase of as much as 40% in overall performance time for Recon surveying functions. In addition, the new system feature programming that better utilizes disk space and offers better diagnostics. Survey Pro 3.7.2 increases the Recon’s GPS data collection capabilities by offering compatibility with more GPS receivers. In addition to Survey Pro 3.7.1’s compatibility with most leading brands of GPS receivers, 3.7.2 adds support for Trimble receivers, including the 4600, 4700, 5700 and 5800. Tripod Data Systems (TDS) develops hardware and software for mobile computing applications. TDS produces rugged handheld computers for extreme outdoor and industrial environments, software for land surveying and construction applications, and GIS systems for field data collection and automation. TDS software has been the number one choice of surveyors
since 1995-more surveyors use Survey Pro software than all other competitors’ software combined.1.