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TCS joins ESRI Indi?s Business Partner Program

ESRI India, and NIIT joint venture, has announced that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has joined its ongoing Business Partner Program aimed at creating new verticals, service lines and expanding the existing GIS industry segments. ESRI Business Partner Program enables its partners to further strengthen their developmental capabilities for customised GIS software applications based on the suite of ESRI technologies and leverage this competitive edge to provide cost-effective robust solutions, to their clients.

TCS has been providing Geo Spatial Solutions as part of its Engineering Services along with IT consulting services, to its clients globally since the early 1990s. The company, as part of its existing Engineering Services, specializes in the usage of ESRI technology to implement turnkey GIS solutions, customised software development, Digital Database Creation, Mobile/Field GIS implementation besides providing Strategic Consulting, Training and Support Services, Vendor Selection Services, AM/FM related services, System Integration, Legacy Data Migration and Data Conversion etc.

The ESRI Business Partner Program is designed to fulfill the needs of the global GIS user community while providing business partners with opportunities to expand their business successfully. Through building a team of application developers, software consultants, technology resellers, and data providers, ESRI and its partners create new software and services, expand existing and create new markets, and increase end user knowledge in the use of GIS software.