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TCI Software releases MapTools Pro v5

TCI Software has announced the release of MapTools Pro v5, a suite of over 100 automated mapping tools for use with AutoCADr R14 – 2002, including a new One-Pick Automation feature. Now in its 10th year, MapTools is used by mapmakers in all 50 states and 43 foreign countries. The complete toolkit has undergone the most intensive revision in its 10 year history, with more than 65 new tools and tool improvements.

MapTools encourages the use and reuse of automated operations by making their creation, storage and recall quick and easy. With one pick, a predefined operation can carry out dozens or hundreds of editing tasks, and that same instruction set can be applied to any number of drawings totally automatically.

Instruction sets are created and managed using MapTools Commander and can contain any combination of 18 MapTools automated functions and freeform autolisp commands. With one pick, a ready to run autolisp routine is created and stored in a special MapTools Commander Library. These automation functions can then be applied to a drawing with a simple selection from the library or applied to any group of drawings unattended.

MapTools automated functions include three Parametric Editing Tools (PET). These Search and Replace processors can accomplish virtually any entity modification job and are also used to assemble selection sets for the other automated tools. Together, the three PET functions can be configured in over 2 billion possible combinations. Wild-carding and ranging expand search flexibility, and most replace operations can perform absolute or relative changes. PET allows the creation of very fine tuned automated Search and Replace operations, which can be named and added to the MapTools Commander Automation Library for one pick execution or application to groups of drawings unattended.

Ten automated linework processors can be applied using MapTools Commander:

  • Join – with line following
  • Clean – now performs Extend, Trim, Snap and Cluster
  • NURBS fit – a polyline spline fit that hits every vertex
  • Curvefit – uses Fuzzy Logic to reduce drawing size up to 10X
  • Clip – can find and erase or relayer linework inside the clip boundary
  • Close – creates closed polylines
  • Vertex Interpolate – generalize, densify or normalize (equal spacing)
  • Label – use Text, Blocks or Elevation based Labels
  • Scallop – with programmable bulge

Automated Rubbersheeting involves the creation of a master calibration point set (stored rubbersheet definitions for a large area). Using MapTools Commander, groups of drawings can then be rubbersheeted in batch, using the stored calibration data.