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TatukGIS Free Viewer and Internet Server LITE products are now available

TatukGIS has released the TatukGIS Internet Server LITE (IS LITE) product, an ASP.NET server component designed to utilize the visual design capabilities of any ASP.NET IDE, such as Microsoft Web Matrix, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, or Borland C#Builder, but that can also be programmed with any standard HTML Editor. The IS LITE license price is only $590 per server installation. TatukGIS also just released the free TatukGIS Viewer application (as a fully functional beta version), which can be used to set up mapping projects to be easily opened and web published with the IS LITE. The free Viewer contains the Internet Server Wizard for this purpose. Both the IS LITE and the Viewer read all TatukGIS supported data formats: Vector formats: SHP, E00, TAB, MID/MID, DXF, DGN, TIGER, and OpenGIS compliant SQL vector layers
Raster imagery formats: TIFF/GeoTIFF, ECW, MrSID, SPOT, PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TatukGIS PixelStore.The IS LITE supports querying against vector attributes, including querying against attributes saved to SQL databases using standard ASP.NET database components. The IS LITE supports a legend component, scale control, R-tree spatial indexing, pie and bar charts, symbols, and more. TatukGIS plans to soon release the Internet Server (the full version), an ASP.NET server component featuring an object API providing access to the full TatukGIS map engine, which supports 2,200+ functions and properties. Any project created for the IS LITE will also readily open in the full IS product, making for easy upgrade ability. TatukGIS will credit the full IS LITE purchase price to any party that purchases the IS LITE before the release of the IS (full version) and wishes to upgrade to the IS (full version).