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Tata launches LBS for enterprise clients in India

New Delhi, India: Tata Teleservice Ltd. in India launched Workforce Tracking Services that enable companies to track on a real time basis the location of their employees who are provided with pickup or drop facility during the graveyard shifts. According to the company’s press statement, it also gets updates on route deviation or over speeding of the vehicle if any.
Tata will also offer enterprise customers a host of applications leveraging its location-based service (LBS) platform, including Vehicle Tracking Services, Asset Tracking Services, Workforce Management Solutions.
In addition to the traditional GPS-based navigation/tracking technology, it offers LBS powered by Assisted GPS (A-GPS) and Mobile Network Based Location Technology to deliver seamless and accurate tracking services. The A-GPS service, which is powered by Qualcomm, will use the most advanced positioning methodology to provide customers the flexibility of tracking assets inside buildings and structures as well. 
A-GPS, a Mobile Network Based Location Technology, enables Workforce Management services through mobile phone devices thereby opening up a completely new market segment. 
“Technology has transformed the way enterprises conduct business today. The new paradigm in telecom services lie in providing location-based inputs to various business applications with a view to ensure workforce safety, enhance productivity and minimize investment risk by real time tracking of an asset,” said Sukanto Aich, president – Tata Teleservices Enterprise Business.
He added that these solutions will be across various industry segments and will include applications such as vehicle and fleet tracking, consignment and cargo tracking, fuel consumption monitoring, workforce tracking including employee security solutions, navigation assistance among others. 
“We are now reaching a state wherein Insurance companies can now charge insurance premiums based on how consumers drive their vehicles,” he added.
Customers will be provided with a secure web portal / GUI access to track and generate relevant reports related to the movement of the vehicles or consignments. The reports and alerts will be integrated with SMS or custom mobile applications which will be developed for the customers based on their specific requirements. 
Source: CIOL