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Tasmania police enters 3-yr contract with MapInfo

MapInfo Corporation, provider of location intelligence solutions for the enterprise, announced that Tasmania Police has signed a three-year software licensing agreement that will play an important role in enhancing crime analysis of Tasmanian neighbourhoods.

The enterprise-wide crime analysis solution will give approximately 1,500 officers and public servants access to share crime data and maps for faster, more comprehensive analysis of crime patterns. The crime analysis solution, comprising MapInfo Professional and MapInfo Discovery, also assists in the prevention of crimes in Tasmania by enabling the analysis of crime patterns by location, type and frequency.

“Tasmania’s four geographical districts now have access to a timely view of accurate crime patterns in their neighbourhoods, greatly enhancing crime analysis capabilities,” said Brian Cartwright, MapInfo’s general manager, Asia Pacific. “MapInfo’s solution will bring together crime data from different localities and map the data visually so crime patterns are easily identified allowing Tasmania Police to quickly develop appropriate policing strategies in response to existing and emerging patterns.”

MapInfo’s technology proved to be a very useful asset in managing the response to recent bushfires. Using the technology, Tasmania Police were able to visualise bushfire updates using MapInfo, on electronic maps in the police major incident room. These maps assisted in determining ideal locations for roadblocks and safety zones for the public.