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Tanzania to curb selling of counterfeit fertilisers using GIS

Tanzania: Unscrupulous traders are reportedly colluding with importers and distributors in selling counterfeit fertilisers to farmers. A recent report commissioned by the Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT) has discovered that poor governance and lack of transparency impact negatively on the country”s agro-inputs subsidy scheme.

The Tanzania Farmers Association (TFA) Division Manager Gibson Kisamba has suggested use of GIS technologies to curb the spread of counterfeit fertilisers. Kisamba said, “There should be collective and deliberate efforts to set up an accreditation system coupled with enforcement mechanisms that will see airtight control of rampant production.” The joint accreditation development process should observe the following steps: Gaining commitment and ownership of key stakeholders taking into account few ongoing initiatives, analysing pros and cons of all these initiatives, introducing a GIS mapping system, reviewing current accreditation, monitoring and handing out penalties.
Kisamba suggested adoption of the GIS to map all primary chain actors for the accreditation system to work. This system has been tried in Kenya, Rwanda, Mali and Nigeria with positive results.

Recent media reports from Sumbawanga and neighbouring districts in Rukwa region have revealed that over 10,000 50-kilogram cement bags of counterfeit fertilisers were sold to farmers. The reports revealed that unscrupulous businessmen repacked Minjingu fertiliser into phosphate ‘DAP’ bags.

Source: Africa News