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Tanzania rolls out weather alerts on mobile phones

Tanzania: The Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) has officially started offering mobile weather services, which among other things assist fishermen monitor weather conditions in the water bodies.

The deputy minister for transportation, Dr Charles Tizeba, said the government was taking the measure to reduce accidents and enable fishermen and other people to carry on with their activities in lakes safely. Dr Tizeba said the government was collaborating with other stakeholders including mobile phone companies to offer the services and the programme was already being tested in some parts of the country.

“The programme became operational in May 2012. TMA in collaboration with other stakeholders is currently providing weather services through mobile phones,” said Dr Tizeba. He added that TMA was working closely with two local companies — Starfish Mobile and Vodacom Tanzania to put the programme in place.

The deputy minister also added that TMA was finalising procedures to enter into a contract with MIC Tanzania Limited, which owns Tigo and TechnoService so as to increase the range of communication among Tanzanians.

Source: All Africa