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Tamil Nadu plans to map areas prone to child trafficking

Tamil Nadu in India is planning to map areas in the State that are prone to child trafficking, particularly for purposes of prostitution and bonded labour.The decision follows the rescue of several groups of children who were on their way to northern Indian states to provide cheap labour. NGOs say nearly 100 such children have been rescued in Tamil Nadu this month alone. Impoverished parents often sell their children to agents and procurers who employ them in factories as bonded labour or as maids and attendants in teashops and garages, or for prostitution. Many children simply drop out of schools and run away from homes, ending up with jobs at nominal pay in places where they do not even follow the language. Others accompany adult migrant labourer groups.

Police are now coming down heavily on children found begging in big cities like Chennai.

Says Social Welfare secretary C K Gariyali: “Our attempt is to take them off the streets. We do not want to encourage parents to use kids for begging or child labour. If parents do not agree, children are put in the care of the Government and NGOs and sent to schools.”

The Government has begun to keep a strict vigil, “be it labour, bonded labour, or children exploited for commercial sex”.

The Times Of India