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Talca host the first seminar of the “SIT Rural” project

With the presence of the National Director of the Information Center of Natural Resources (Ciren), Juan Pablo Lopez; of the SEREMI Agriculture in the Maule region, Jorge Céspedes; and the Regional Director of INDAP, Jairo Ibarra; was launched a series of regional seminars that aim to raise awareness the benefits of the project “Rural Territorial Information System, SIT Rural”.

The first city to be visited was Talca, what was an opportunity for the professionals in charge of the SIT Rural to explain in detail the importance of this initiative to those who are in charge of the INDAP Local Development Program of the 16 communes in the region involved in the project: Rauco, Hualañé, Vichuquén, Curepto, Constitución, San Clemente, Rio Claro, Empedrado, Linares, Longaví, San Javier, Yerbas Buenas, Cauquenes, Parral, Chanco and Pelluhue.

The project, which began in 2006, involves the construction of a Communal and Rural Territorial Information System, which includes the 100 municipalities with the highest level of rurality in the country. This system is implemented through a website (www.sitrural.cl), where it is possible to find information such as: hydrographic; agroclimatic; the ability of land use; native forest cadastres; fruit cadastres; population centers ; administrative boundaries; rural properties; tourist data and even the Ministry of Health background.

The Talca seminar was the first of seven events that the Ciren professionals will held throughout whole Chile. Other Regions considered for these meetings are: Coquimbo, Valparaíso, Libertador General Bernardo O´Higgins, del Biobío, La Araucanía and Los Ríos. It is precisely in Valdivia where the next seminar will be held by the end of May.

Source: Ciren