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Taiwanese support to publish and read WMS

Taiwan: SuperWebGIS 2.1 and SuperGIS Desktop 3 can publish and read Web Map Services (WMS) in 67TM2 (EPSG:3828) and 97TM2 (EPSG:3826), said SuperGeo. These are the common coordinate system used in Taiwan. With these enhancements, users can overlay the layers without converting the coordinate system of the layers which will improve the outcome.

Open GIS WMS is the standard of internet map service defined by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The standard provides a simple HTTP interface for users to acquire the map images, such as JPG, GIF, PNG from the published spatial database and display the images on the browser.

In another context, the company informed that the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, procured SuperGIS Desktop, the professional geographic information system software, for the Department of Geography. The procurement was made by Arinmap Consultants, SuperGeo’s exclusive reseller in Nigeria and Ghana. In addition, the company has published a case study based on the role of Mobile GIS in Coastal Ecological Environment Information Investigation System.

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