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Taiwanese municipality gets cloud-based map

Taiwan: The GIS Research Centre at Feng Chia University in Taiwan developed Taiwan’s first municipal works cloud-based map platform. It will allow city government officials and policy makers to have a clear picture of the city’s major construction projects.
The platform, which was commissioned by the Taichung City Government, will integrate the city’s digital map libraries including urban planning and cadastral map libraries, and will allow users to browse records concerning the city’s major construction projects and tenders.
The project made use of Google Earth Enterprise cloud technology and Google historical image browsing technology to allow users to access their own private “Earth” to search and browse city government map layers in 3D.
In future, city government employees will also be able to produce 3D models of major construction projects. According to an official statement, the information on the platform will gradually be made available to the general public to allow them to participate in and understand the city’s development objectives and progress.
In addition, several cloud-based service platforms in the areas of transportation, disaster preparedness, land administration, tourism, public safety and health care will be developed.
Source: FutureGov