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Taiwanese education ministry opts for SuperPad

Taiwan: The Ministry of Education (MoE), Taiwan, has selected SuperPad, the full-function mobile GIS software from SuperGeo, to collect and measure lands for education. The Ministry of Education (MoE) owns more than 5,000 pieces of lands which were donated by people a long time ago for education, like building schools or storing school property. The lands are distributed all over Taiwan and worth over USD 60 billion.

The full-function mobile GIS, SuperPad, is used as the manipulation platform whereas Windows Mobile is the operating system in PDA. The mobile GIS application provides survey personnel with diverse functions to do the survey easily and update cadastral data while surveying. Various GIS tools are built-in SuperPad which can effectively assist field workers in collecting, editing, measuring by using mobile devices.

Furthermore, with the high flexibility of developing structure, SuperPad also allows developers to easily customise mobile GIS applications according to their needs by means of various customisation toolbars, tables, and other functions

Meabwhile, SuperGeo has announced that its latest desktop geographic information system (GIS), SuperGIS Desktop 3, is able to support Windows 7 now. SuperGIS Desktop 3 offers various GIS tools, enabling GIS experts to display, edit, manage, query, and analyse geospatial data and the related data. Therefore, the experts can obtain the distribution type of spatial data, geographic analysis, spatial relationship and utilise the processed data to be the essential reference for better decision-making.

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