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Taiwan traffic to get WebGIS assistance

Taiwan: Institute of Transportation MOTC, Taiwan, planned to predict and improve traffic impacts on land development by a GIS platform. The project will be based on SuperWebGIS. It aims to maintain and update the image data, traffic basic information, traffic parameter, laws and regulations and assessment cases to assist the related staffs in effectively assessing traffic impacts caused by land development.

Using SuperWebGIS to develop the WebGIS platform and Microsoft SQL 2000 as the database platform, the project allows users to quickly query the related geographic information of traffic impacts from diverse databases via the platform, to evaluate the traffic impact immediately.

The company has also updated that its SuperGIS Desktop 3 has significantly enhanced the support for spatial databases. The supporting format includes Access MDB, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Spatial. SuperGIS Desktop 3 also supports to import more layer formats to Access MDB, like GML, MIF, etc. so that users will have more flexibility of managing layers to improve the working efficiency.

In recent days, the company has attended several GIS events to demonstrate the latest SuperGIS software and applications. The SuperGeo team went to Istanbul, Turkey, for INTERGEO East. In Taiwan, the team participated in IEEE 71st Vehicular Technology Conference as well as the 7th Taipei International Digital Earth Symposium, both in Taipei, Taiwan.

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