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Taiwan shown as a bird flu affected country by a WHO map

California, USA, 29 March 2007: Farallon Geographics one of the leaders in the planning, implementation, and integration of GIS systems and software, will be presenting innovative GIS solutions and approaches at the CalGIS 2007 conference at the Oakland Convention Center on April 4 – 6.

Dennis Wuthrich, Farallon Geographics’ CEO and the CalGIS 2007 Program Chair, will be presenting “Easy, Fast, and Convenient: Adopting Web Application Design Metrics to Develop Innovative Geospatial Applications”. This presentation explores how Google Maps, Google Earth, MS Virtual Earth and other emerging technologies can be integrated with traditional GIS tools such as geodatabases and ArcGIS server to deliver useful applications to broad user communities. These “enterprise mashups” promise to dramatically improve the dissemination of GIS data and analyses to people while significantly reducing the cost of deploying and maintaining GIS.

Jeff Saunders, Farallon Geographics Lead Geodatabase Developer, will be presenting “Forecasting and the Value of a Spatially-enabled Enterprise GIS: Good Information Leads to Good Decisions”. Mr. Saunders will highlight the advantage of using enterprise GIS to support critical decisions about resource allocation for asset management by demonstrating Farallon’s “Project Selection” pavement management application. This application offers a simple interface that enables GIS novices to import pavement “what if” scenarios from a pavement management program, view them on a map, and then analyze various pavement treatment decisions against budget scenarios.

Alexei Peters, Farallon Geographics’ Lead GIS Web Application Developer, will be presenting “Developing Web Applications with Public and Freely Available API’s”. Mr. Peters will discuss the possibilities of integrating GIS with freely available API’s. He will address the limitations and benefits of such integration as well as data security concerns.

Adam Lodge, Farallon Geographics’ Geodatabase Developer, will present “Squeezing Value from your Enterprise GIS”. Mr. Lodge’s presentation explores innovative strategies and technologies that will enhance the value of investment in GIS. He will discuss how forward-looking strategies such as decentralized databases and non-traditional visualization tools can optimize the value of GIS. For more information visit www.fargeo.com/enterprise_gis/whitepapers.html